Here’s a great gift for all the ‘news junkies’ in your life: Our book …And Now, The Good News, shines a spotlight on the extraordinary and everyday heroes and solutions to make you feel optimistic and hopeful about our world.


Instead of complaining about the news, check out this book to get a dose of GOOD News (for a change)…

  • A small paperback with 28 stories, great for reading on an airplane or daily commute
  • Five categories—World, USA, Animals, Inspiring, and Celebrities
  • Includes photos & exclusive stories not found before on the internet
  • Perfect for office waiting rooms, or thank-you gifts

This collection of unique, inspiring stories celebrates 20 years of Good News Network—the website that features all-positive news from around the world at Created in 1997 by former Washington, DC television news editor Geri Weis-Corbley, these are among her favorite GNN stories from two decades.

Purchase it now on—which requires 1-2 days to print, and then additional days to ship.

If you are outside the U.S., order here from Amazon:

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  1. This book warms my soul with the stores of lives being changed by the kindness of strangers in addition to what friends can do or say to make a difference. My favorite part of this book is the listing of all the organizations that make the difference if you want to check them out and playa small role – or a big role. It’s all in one place, love it! This author, Brad, should be on front page news every month of every year. This is how I want to live, knowing that there are folks out there who understand the need for brief words or acts of kindness.

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