Welcome back to Good Gardening! Last week, we received our first updates from our current gardening experts, the Sharing Gardens, and Monica Richards! We wanted to know how was the early season going for our good gardeners and if any early challenges were being overcome. We received emails from our friends on the west coast and this is what they said.

“We’ve had a doozy of a winter here in California,” said certified permaculturalist Monica Richards. “We actually had to evacuate three times due to the amount of rain that was going to hit our burned hills! Then after that we had over 3 ft of snow and on and on and on.”

Richards’ perennials have exploded into life thanks to this deluge, including oregano, goji berries, and cat mint.

“Personally, I am finding that I love getting my perennials into the ground in the Fall, mulching heavily and hoping for the best through the winter,” she said.

We also got an update from the Oregon-based Sharing Gardens community collective, which we will post on the Facebook thread.

“Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower,” – John Harrigan


Topic Week 15: Floriculture: All About Spring Flowers

Question 1: Do you plant or cultivate flowers in your garden?

Question 2: Which varieties do you find the most beautiful and which ones hardest to grow?

Question 3: What wildflowers bloom in your area?

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