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BBC World Service
Two Women publishing positive news (Audio)

In a world dominated by news of destruction and disaster, media forums focusing purely on positive and uplifting stories have begun to seep through to mainstream media. Host Kim Chakanetsa meets two women who decided to start their own positive news ventures. 

AFP / Aljazeera
Hunger for ‘Good News’ Grows Amid Coronavirus Crisis
“Battered by grim headlines, people worldwide are seeking out positive news. Google searches for “good news” have jumped fivefold and the Good News Network has seen traffic triple in the past month, according to founder and editor Geri Weis-Corbley.”

CBS Evening News
Katie Couric’s Notebook (Video)

katie-couric.jpg“The Good News Network is devoted to all the good news that’s fit to print… When the headlines seem bleak, it’s nice to know that some really GOOD news is just a mouse click away.”

The Washington Post
For Diversion, Many Download the Uplift

washpost screen shot-cropped

“There are other Web sites that aggregate good news from around the world, but few are as current, well kept and newsy as hers. She’s out to prove that good news sells.”  — Dan Zak

NPR’s All Things Considered
GoodNewsNetwork: No Gloom, No Doom (4-min audio interview)
“Weis-Corbley thinks an alternative to the grim fare offered by major news outlets is essential. And traffic is up.”  — Michelle Norris

WTOP Radio
Good News is Good For You

Toronto Globe and Mail
Recession Got You Down? C’mon Get Happy
“It has taken a financial crisis to spur an appetite for good news.”
— Omar El Akkad

Rolling Stone
“Turn that frown upside down, America – let’s look on the sunny side!” Featured on the magazine’s 2009 Hot List – Hot Internet (p. 89)

The Examiner
Good News For a Change

American Journalism Review
It’s All Good
“One of her goals is to show that there is actually a hungry market for this. The monthly hits she gets on her site act as pretty heavy validation of a demand.” — Tricia C. Eller

Info Today
What We Need Is Some Good News

Daily Nebraskan
Internet site brings good news to a dismal world
“After reading headlines about the terrible condition of humanity, take some time to challenge those observations by reading about the unexpected at It could do wonders for your psyche.”
— Stacy Van Zuiden

Women’s World
Fed Up With Bad News?
“Imagine getting only good news all the time. Geri does more than imagine it – she finds it, prints it, and passes it on! … Geri found stories about heroic rescues and generous gifts, scientists making headway against disease and groups building homes for the poor. She even found a heartwarming story about lawyers — a band of whom are representing low income kids for free in juvenile court. And readers loved it!”

Washington Times
All the Good News that’s Fit to Print
“She’s a cross between Dr. Deepak Chopra and Ann Landers.”
— Christin Montgomery

“Take Heart America… The Good News Network, is a place on the web where you can go every day to renew your faith in the human race. Since its webut a year ago, GNN has been steadily finding an audience.”

Fox TV Morning Show
Live Interview via satellite with KTVU Ross McGowan in San Francisco

Fast Company

The Well Being Journal
Good News — Bill Asenjo, P.H.D., CRC

Radio Interviews
WBIG- Chicago; CKLW- Windsor; KOTA- Rapids City; “The Daily Bear”; WVMT-Vermont; WTAM; WOCM- Maryland; “The Live Show”- Oklahoma; “Rhonda Bellamy Show”- NC; WRVC- Ohio; WILS-Lansing; “Carter and Company”, “Washington Post Radio” (in drive time), “Mirrors of the Soul”

featured in 300 incredible thngs300 Incredible Things to do on the Internet! (2002 edition)

“I have spent months surfing hundreds of thousands of sites, but only the incredible ones made it into this book. It’s incredible sites like yours that make this a fantastic book.” — Ken Leebow

The Washington Post, Sept. 1, 1999
And now, the news: The Glorifying not the Horrifying

Whole Life Times

Antidote to the Daily Headlines
“Geri’s enthusiasm, humor and selfless efforts personify a message for us all: the good news is there, if we seek it out.”
— Bill Asenjo, P.H.D., CRC
Marketing Positivity: How Good News Network Reached Millions of Shares By Publishing Kind-Hearted Stories
Get Your Daily Dose of Positivity & Share Wonderful Stories With Your Date

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